Rodents Around Stables and Feed Stores

Wherever there is man, there are rats. They normally seek olimp trade shelter and food in the cooler months and the stableyard offers the perfect habitat – warm, sheltered and a good supply of feed. Everyone knows rats can carry bubonic plague and salmonellosis. But they also carry leptospirosis, trichinosis, lice, ticks, mites, parasites, and fleas. A

Register for the Horse Riding School

Those who wish to register for the equestrian learning program olymp trade offered by the Outback Horse Riding Center can find some general pointers on how to achieve that, on this specially designated page. Although the registration can also be performed at the reception of the horse riding center, those who cannot come by just for the

Customer Testimonials and Appreciation Letters

Here on this page, people can express themselves freely and post their impressions about the Outback Horse Riding Center. Since its early beginnings, long time ago, the center has increased in popularity every year and this is due to the fact that the people who came here always returned because they were always satisfied with

Support Us by Playing an Online Game

Those who wish to support the website of the Outback Horse Riding Center, can play one of the provided games and in doing so, they will trigger a one-time only donation of no more than 2 pounds, which will help the administrators of the website to maintain it with up-to-date information and perform maintenance operations

Useful Links and Resources

On this special page, equestrianism enthusiasts and fans of this sport, will be able to find several external links that offer valuable information about the sport itself, as well as the competitions and events that are held worldwide, each year. Websites for learning information about horse breeds, their types and applications are also provided and

Competition Calendar and Public Events

For the avid equestrianism fans out there, the Outback Horse Riding Center website provides this dedicated page where all the competition details for the events that are held on the professional tracks are shared. People are able to access an extensive event database, which stretches for more than 30 years, enabling them this way to

Horse Riding for the Demanding User

Experienced users, equestrian professionals or simply those who wish that extra edge when it comes to horse riding, all have the possibility to obtain the preferred track performance at the Outback Horse Riding Center. Offering a special program, which was designed only for experienced horse riders, the facilities have all that it takes for people

The Beautiful Horse Riding Range

On this page, people will see a collection of images that show the available horse riding range here at Outback Horse Riding Center. Since the founders of the riding center didn’t have too much in terms of initial funds, the grounds where the horse riding range resides once belonged to a small air strip, which

Horse Riding for Everyone – Learn the Essentials

Having a longstanding tradition when it comes to the use of horses for various purposes, the Toscaig village was one of the first settlements to introduce leisure and competition horse riding, from the entire Applecross peninsula. Not only did people enjoy this, but the idea of being able to perform horse riding in a pleasant