Competition Calendar and Public Events

outback-horse-riding-centerFor the avid equestrianism fans out there, the Outback Horse Riding Center website provides this dedicated page where all the competition details for the events that are held on the professional tracks are shared.

People are able to access an extensive event database, which stretches for more than 30 years, enabling them this way to have a “peek” into the horse riding facilities’ history and how they have changed ever since. In order to preview the images which comprise the gallery of competitions and events held at the equestrian facility, users will have to select a preferred album and a corresponding event.

Each year has its main album, which contains several sub-albums for all the events that were held in that competition year. Since every year the number of held events and competitions fluctuates, the gallery contains a considerable number of images and users might find themselves having difficulties in reaching the preferred event or competition. For this reason, the website offers a powerful search engine, which is aimed at helping people identify the preferred album much quicker that searching for it manually.

It must be noted that the current and undergoing events will always be displayed on this page and that people can register for receiving the latest updates. This can be made by either providing their email address and subscribing to the newsletter or by copying the RSS feed into their preferred newsletter reader.

The main competition which is held every year at the Outback Horse Riding Center is part of the annual gathering of professional equestrians and it unites more than 500 participants every year, from all around the globe. Given its quality racing tracks and increasing popularity, the Outback Horse Riding Center has managed to attract an ever-growing number of horse riding practitioners, which come here every year.