Horse Riding for Everyone – Learn the Essentials

horse-riding-for-everyoneHaving a longstanding tradition when it comes to the use of horses for various purposes, the Toscaig village was one of the first settlements to introduce leisure and competition horse riding, from the entire Applecross peninsula. Not only did people enjoy this, but the idea of being able to perform horse riding in a pleasant environment, surrounded by friends and dear ones was well received by the local community, who decided to found the Outback Horse Riding Center.

Initially developed as a center where people could have picnics and spend some time horse riding, the grounds of the Outback Horse Riding Center have extended considerably ever since. Nowadays, totaling more than 1000 hectares, the domain of the horse riding establishment offers multiple possibilities, especially for those who are new to horse riding and wish to learn the sport quickly and efficiently.

A novice learning program is available to all those who attend the horse riding domains and in order to attract more and more participants, the founders of the Outback Horse Riding Center have a special offer for families with children. The first five sessions are free of charge, in the hope that children will be attracted by the activity and they would wish to return. The registration for the novice lessons implies that the parents either contact the horse riding reception by telephone or by email, using the registration page. Once an initial, five session contract has been determined, they will be able to bring their children and allow them to be part of a unique learning experience. Trained equestrian professionals will ensure that safety and fun are well blended and that children will enjoy the horse riding.

Apart from actual horses, for very small children (the default minimum age limit is 4 years old), the staff can provide small ponies, which can either be taken on the predefined track range or in the nearby highland trails, for a small adventure.