Register for the Horse Riding School

register-for-the-horse-riding-schoolThose who wish to register for the equestrian learning program offered by the Outback Horse Riding Center can find some general pointers on how to achieve that, on this specially designated page.

Although the registration can also be performed at the reception of the horse riding center, those who cannot come by just for the registration process, can make use of this page to their advantage and register from wherever they currently find themselves. Having said that, all people who wish to enroll in the equestrian training at the will have to understand that the registration process involves three steps.

First, filling the registration form and submitting it will let the staff at the Outback Horse Riding Center know that the respective person wishes to enlist into the Horse Riding School. When filling out the form, details such as the age and number of participants that wish to enroll must be specified, in order for the staff to assign each participant to the different levels.

Secondly, after the successful online registration step, those who have enrolled will be called at the Outback Horse Riding Center for a preliminary examination, both for their medical status and for their actual skills regarding horse riding. Depending on the results of both of the tests, the participants will be allowed to move on to the third step. Exceptions are those who have never had any previous horse riding experience, in which case they will skip the skill evaluation process;

The third and final step is represented by the confirmation of acceptance to the horse riding training program, which testifies that the registered participants have successfully passed the evaluation and are now officially part of the training program class.

By using the provided contact details, people are encouraged to contact the Outback Horse Riding Center with further inquiries, regardless of their nature and the customer support staff will make sure that everyone’s questions are answered.