Support Us by Playing an Online Game

Those who wish to support the website of the Outback Horse Riding Center, can play one of the provided games and in doing so, they will trigger a one-time only donation of no more than 2 pounds, which will help the administrators of the website to maintain it with up-to-date information and perform maintenance operations for the hosting servers and all the other necessary equipment, which would otherwise necessitate considerable amounts of money.

The remaining raised donations will also be collected in the common fund for children with disabilities, in order to be able to perform charity actions and therefore allow children to visit the horse riding center and ride the ponies or horses themselves. For that, special equipment is required and the donation funds will contribute significantly in purchasing the specialized equipment.

There are three available online games, all featuring equestrian themes and the owners of the horse riding center hope that these games will help children have a good, fun and constructive time on this website.

The first game offers a classic horse racing arcade approach, in which the user needs to select a track and finish the race as fast as possible, while accounting for the different surprises along the way and obstacles. The second game deals with horse riding from a different perspective and it takes its participants though a real adventure and it has the purpose of performing a treasure hunt across a vast mountainous area.

chariot-races-in-the-late-roman-empireLast but not least, the third game is for more advanced users and it involves participating into chariot races in the late Roman Empire. Packed with action and featuring a decent graphic, considering that it is an online game, this one will surely keep its participants well tucked into their seats, thanks to thrilling horse riding and increase competitiveness.