Everyone is welcome on the official website of the Outback Horse Riding Center, where only the best horses available are ready to offer people an unforgettable experience. Nowadays, more and more people seek for relaxation in various recreational activities, such as archery, carting or even canoeing. But how many of you have thought about trying horse riding as a past time activity?

Here at the horse riding center people can come and try something different, with the promise that they will surely wish to return for more fun-packed action. No matter what age, gender or even nationality, anyone is welcome to try horse riding for the first time or even perform advanced training for professional requirements. The Outback Horse Riding Center promises to offer it all when it comes to equestrian capabilities.

Located in the highlands of northern Scotland, in the Toscaig village, the horse riding facility is positioned in one of the northernmost points of the Applecross peninsula. Considered by many as one of the remotest villages in the peninsula, this represents the main reason why the Outback Horse Riding Center was founded here – peaceful and relaxing horse riding, in an isolated place.

On the following pages, people will be presented with some of the generalities of horse riding, the possibilities of learning the necessary skills at the facility or even some details about the competitions that are held there every year.

Equestrian sports enthusiasts are invited to take their time browsing the pages of the website and establish contact or even add the website to their personal bookmarks.