The Beautiful Horse Riding Range

the-beautiful-horse-riding-rangeOn this page, people will see a collection of images that show the available horse riding range here at Outback Horse Riding Center. Since the founders of the riding center didn’t have too much in terms of initial funds, the grounds where the horse riding range resides once belonged to a small air strip, which was fleetingly used during the war.

Featuring several different tracks, each with different characteristics, the range offers equestrian possibilities to both inexperienced riders as well as established professionals.

  • The free ride track is equipped with a medium grain tarmac, thus ensuring that novices and those who are just entering the field of horse riding do not have trouble in controlling the horses over it;
  • The advanced tarmac track features a coarser grain and it addresses those who already have some prior equestrian experience and are ready to tackle more unstable grounds;
  • The professional track comes packed with competition grade gravel and wood shavings, all being laid out on a considerably thick sand base;
  • Special track 1 and Special track 2 are obstacle courses which are specifically designed for equestrian professionals and are the ones that are used during the annual competitions which are held at the Outback Horse Riding Center.

Selecting a preferred track for horse riding is partly dependent on the customer and partly dependent on the professionals which are assigned at evaluating the individual riding performance. Therefore, although a novice user might wish to try the advanced tarmac track, he or she must face a trial run on the lowest grain track, in order for their equestrian skills to be assessed by the staff and given negative or positive feedback, the latter offering people the chance to ride the preferred track.

In order to find out more information for advanced horse riders, the readers are invited to navigate the following pages.