Useful Links and Resources

useful-links-and-resourcesOn this special page, equestrianism enthusiasts and fans of this sport, will be able to find several external links that offer valuable information about the sport itself, as well as the competitions and events that are held worldwide, each year.

Websites for learning information about horse breeds, their types and applications are also provided and people can even access an external link that leads to the International Equestrian Sports Federation.

Access to a list of websites which provide valuable insight into horse riding techniques is also available, enabling people to learn the essential theoretical skills from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, when it comes to resources, this page offers people a step-by-step tutorial where they can preview e-cards which depict various equestrian information, such as the rider’s position in the saddle, the correct way to hold the reins or how to properly attach and secure a harness over a horse.

People who are interested into purchasing equestrian equipment will benefit from a list of the most popular and well established retailers, which are in partnership with Outback Horse Riding Center. Using the external links for the equipment store, one will be able to quickly create an entire “arsenal” of gear which is required when performing either recreational or professional horse riding.

Starting off with suppliers for reins, harnesses, whips, rider helmets, boots and ending with specific apparel elements, such as the leather boots, specifically designed for horse riding, users will be able to find and purchase them all in the links provided on this page.

Whenever clicking on one of the partner stores which are cooperating with the Outback Horse Riding Center, users will contribute to a default donation, which will raise 1 pound for each external website navigation. The raised money will be allocated for providing equestrian services to children with disabilities.